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A textile machinery standard included in the 2018 national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide
According to the news of China\'s Textile Network In order to speed up the comprehensive standardization work of intelligent manufacturing and give full play to the standard and leading role of the intelligent manufacturing standard, the Ministry of industry and information equipment industry department and the National Standard Committee of the national standard two departments on the national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide (2018 Edition) (solicit draft) have been collected by the Ministry of industry and information. The knitting machine network communication interface standard for knitting machinery is listed as the \"construction guide\" as the key standard in other fields. In order to improve the automation and intelligent level of knitting machinery, access to the Internet and Internet, use the marginal effect and multiplier effect of the network to improve the production efficiency of the knitting industry and the product to the market. The ability to respond quickly has laid a good foundation.

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